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Probate litigation services in Bryan, TX

When a will or guardianship is contested, litigation is typically the only way to legally resolve the issue. The Law Offices of Brett S. Charles, PLLC has many years of experience litigating in probate court. Call today to have an experienced probate attorney in Bryan, Texas represent you in probate litigation.

Call today for effective representation in litigation cases involving:

Will contests

Wills are rarely contested, but in the event that they are, rely on the Law Offices of
Brett S. Charles, PLLC, to represent your best interests. A will contest may dispute the validity of the will, the person applying to be the executor or other conditions of the estate’s administration. The validity of a will may be challenged under the premise of:

• Revocation – the decedent revoked the will prior to death but failed to establish a new one
• Incapacitation – the decedent was mentally incapacitated, due to illness or being under the influence or intimidation of another, when creating the will

Guardianship litigation

If guardianship directives are not clearly established, guardianship responsibility may be challenged in court. Even if a guardian is named, another may challenge the appointed individual’s ability to serve as guardian. An ad litem attorney will represent the Ward the best interests in these cases and an ad litem guardian may be called to determine what those interests are. For more information about guardianship litigation, and for experienced assistance through the litigation process in Bryan, TX, call the Law Offices of Brett S. Charles, PLLC, and schedule your complementary initial consultation.

Litigation may also arise in suits initiated by creditors who are owed money by the deceased/incapacitated individual. The creditor may have to file suit against the entire estate to seek recompense for past-due accounts. For quality representation in such situations, call the Law Offices of Brett S. Charles, PLLC.

There are many situations that can initiate the need for litigation. When these situations arise, rely on the expertise and dedication of the Law Offices of Brett S. Charles, PLLC. Call today to schedule your free 30 minute consultation with a probate attorney in Bryan TX, who has many years of litigation experience.