Don’t Put Off Planning Your Estate

Don’t Put Off Planning Your Estate

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There are three main objectives of estate planning: determine the assets owned, create instructions for asset allocation and minimize state and federal tax implications. From basic wills to complex tax-planned wills, the Law Offices of Brett S. Charles, PLLC can assist you through every stage of estate planning. While wills are the most common tool when planning your estate, trusts, gifts and family limited partnerships also serve as valuable tools when planning your estate.

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Establish directives for the allocation of assets, debt payments, guardianship and name the executor of your estate. With all wills and estate planning, it is my goal to provide you with a plan that is cost-effective and best-suited for your needs.

Revocable trusts

Create a trust that instructs the distribution of your assets immediately upon your passing or incapacitation. These are often effective in the case of more complex estates, individuals with a high potential for the likelihood of a guardianship, and folks owning out of state real estate.

Powers of attorney

Delegate someone to take medical, personal and financial actions on your behalf by appointing them as your agent through a power of attorney.

Administer your estate with the least amount of tax penalties

Certain tax laws apply to the distribution of every estate. With many years in the probate law field, the Law Offices of Brett S. Charles, PLLC can help you take actions to minimize tax implications. Call today to learn how you can maximize the amount that you leave to your beneficiaries by minimizing federal estate and generation-skipping taxes.

There are many aspects of estate planning and many tools available to establish a comprehensive plan that benefits you and your family. To learn more about the estate planning tools that are best for you and to establish a plan for your care and your estate, call the Law Offices of Brett S. Charles, PLLC today. Your initial 30 minute consultation is complementary.