Include Plans for Your Children’s Care

Guardianship law in Bryan, Texas

As a parent, you and your spouse are responsible for caring for and making decisions on behalf of your children. Should you and your spouse pass or become otherwise incapacitated while your children are still in need of guardianship, do you know who will care for them? Without establishing such directives, guardianship of your children is subject to state laws, which may result in your children being placed into foster care if no immediate family member is available or capable.

To establish directives for your children’s care along with your estate planning, contact the Law Offices of Brett S. Charles, PLLC today. We can help you draft the documents necessary to name the preferred guardian of your children in the event that you are unable to care for them.

Designate an individual to oversee your children’s inheritance

The court does not deem minors capable of responsibly handling inherited money or property. Therefore, minors who receive a portion of an estate must have a guardian oversee the estate until they are no longer a minor. Many assume that the parents become immediate guardians of the estate, but this is not always the case. While the parents are most commonly the guardians of the child’s inherited estate, guardianship must still be established in probate court.

To legally establish an overseer of your child’s inheritance, even if you intend to be the guardian, call the Law Offices of Brett S. Charles, PLLC. Schedule your free 30 minute consultation today to learn more about how you can establish guardianship in Bryan, Texas.

Guardianship also applies to adults

Guardianship for elderly and special needs adults in Bryan/College Station

As medical advancements have enabled members of our society to live longer and longer, the need for guardianship over elderly citizens that cannot fully care for themselves has risen. A guardian for such individuals is responsible for making decisions regarding the Ward’s (incapacitated individual’s) personal, medical and financial welfare. For many situations, however, a power of attorney, not guardianship, is an effective way to oversee these decisions.

Guardianship for special needs adults is similar to guardianship for minors. Legal guardians of special needs adults involves making decisions regarding their medical care, finances, place of care and more. For more information about guardianship for special needs or adults that have become incapacitated due to dementia or other health issues, call the Law Offices of Brett S. Charles, PLLC, today.

Who protects the interests of the Ward?

In the state of Texas, an ad litem attorney represents the proposed Ward in guardianship litigation cases. This attorney is responsible for developing a case against granting guardianship if the proposed Ward objects to it. For more information on guardianship litigation, visit our Litigation page or call the Law Offices of Brett S. Charles, PLLC.

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